4 things we learnt from Day 4

  1. A great show is all about great storytelling. 
    Need proof? We have 2!
    Pero’s slumber party had the audience falling in love with Aneeth Arora. And like any other season, in this collection too she showed us what she does best – sustainable fashion, comfort fits, unexpected cuteness, attention to details, brilliant styling and that je ne sais quoi (the special something you can’t put a finger on)
    11.11’s show was all things organic – from the dyes, the fabric, the cardboard shoes and hats, the live music using household things, and the walking for themselves.
    While every designer works hard to build a signature style, find a niche and put up a collection, some manage to tell the story in a way the audience can understand, some don’t. It’s sad, but it’s true, because that’s what makes all the difference.
  2. Comfort chic continues to be a thing! 
    Boxy silhouettes, androgynous pieces, laid-back styling, white and pastel hues, minimalist accessorizing, and a lot of pockets.
  3. The next generation of designers are a talented bunch.
    Elle’s First Cut designers put up a great first show. Finely-tailored garments, fuss-free and clean lines (Bodice influence?), and some new techniques (paper fabric!) Maybe not the freshest, but hey, it’s not orange juice, so well packaged collections are good too.
  4. We couldn’t tell one collection from another!
    Barring a few looks, a lot of pieces looked like we’ve seen it before. Is that a trend or are we expecting too much?

While you contemplate on this, we’ll go check out all the madness lined up for day 5. Be back!


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