An India-Inspired Chanel.

The newspapers are full of Karl Lagerfeld’s India-inspired collection for Chanel and so am I. Just looking at the ensembles gave me a creative high!

And oh! that setup –  English medieval era courts ready for a huge feast, styled with courtly opulence of Indian Maharajas – chandeliers and silver platters…the works!

In this collection, Lagerfeld has managed to seamlessly blend Chanel’s underlying elegance and simplicity with Indian textures, silhouettes and glittering ornaments. Love the understated opulence of these clothes and exuberance of the jewelery on display. A beautiful blend of contrasts- in true ‘Paris to Bombay’ style.

Did you see the moving train on the track on the banquet table? Brilliant! There’s a lot of inspiration here for those preparing their wedding trousseau and themes 😉

For all those who are not from the fashion industry, watch this video on the making of all the intricate jewelery and embellishments on the clothes for the show. Look out for the detailing, the effort and the precision that’s required for that absolutely perfect piece of design- all crafted by hand! There’s polki, kundan, stones, moulded gold flowers, pearls and chain links galore!

“The atelier of embroidery- Lesage and button-maker- Desrues for the Paris-Bombay Métiers d’Art collection”

As reported by WSJ, Lagerfeld says that this collection is dedicated to the craftsmen who manufacture for Chanel — and described India as a country where “even the poor have dignity…even poor women own three gold bracelets.” Well! I am not too sure how I should react to that statement, but hey, they do flaunt some seriously elegant jewelery and trinkets!

Are you feeling inspired too? I’m going to write another post with some more details on embellishments and shoes seen in this collection- so look out!

Truly inspired- Nanz