Loved it! Wanted it! Bought it! Got it!

I’m on top of the world today! My on-line sale shopping spree was delivered at home..And everything fits! And it’s beautiful, And I’m ecstatic!

So, here’s what i got – a pair of gorgeous dark wash ‘boyfriend’ jeans (so in trend right now), 3 sexy tops, a pair of 70’s shades and a pair of to-die-for lime green clogs. To be honest I was skeptical about getting the right size, but some careful study of sizing, and I got it right! I look so freaking hot in my 4-inchers!

My Online Shopping

Yes, I shopped the whole 70’s retro look from the comfort of my bed room, resting my feet on down pillows. Sure beats the hell out of malls sale shopping, don’t you think? I mean who doesn’t hate those queues! And the ones outside the trial room? Grr! All this, provided you find something you like, and it’s available in your size!

Thank you Lord, for Verisign and online shopping carts.

I’m off to shoe-off! Some pals are in for a shocker!



  1. Hey !!!!

    Love your styling tips and your updates on the trends !!!! Melissa’s are just amazing.

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