New year, new post?

Happy new year, y’all! It’s still January so it counts, right? :)

We started 2017 with a closet cleanse. It’s a lot more therapeutic than a juice cleanse, btw. The joy of finding forgotten outfits (that still fit) from the back of your closet is more satisfying than drinking activated charcoal. How we wish we could say the same about blogging! The joy of blogging has somehow left the building. Maybe it’s because everyone is a blogger and everything is being blogged about. There isn’t much left unsaid anymore. The day bloggers started calling themselves “influencers”, blogging pretty much died. Or maybe it’s just an identity crisis. Scrolling is the new reading, Rumi quotes are the new captions (wordplay is definitely not mainstream anymore), freebies are the new salaries, brand collabs are the new raises, perfectly staged sponsored posts are the new god knows what and don’t even get us started on the shift from anonymous blogging to hourly ootds. We could go on, but you get the drift, right? Having said that, we do resolve to blog more. However when it comes to the closet, we’re sticking to the less is more strategy. Lesser, but better. More statement, less sale shopping. Less trend, more timeless. Will we stick to our fashion resolution or will a picture perfect sponsored post tempt us into a shopping spree? Only time will tell. More rants coming soon!


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