PCJ Delhi Couture Week- JJ Valaya

JJ VALAYA COUTURE. Fall-Winter 2012.

THE AZRAK COLLECTION. The Realm of the Sultan

The JJ Valaya Couture 2012 collection finds its inspiration in the Ottoman Empire.

Azrak in Turkish means ‘rare and uncommon’; a befitting title for this collection as it stands inspired by some exceptional and unrivalled arts from the Ottoman Empire. Primarily based on art forms on Ceramic, Fabric, Paper, Leather and Wood, the collection takes one on a journey of a rich and perhaps forgotten era albeit, in a modern and crisp manner. JJ Valaya, as often before, re-ignites his love for the past and goes back to a host of Topkapi archives to put together a collection which sets itself apart by interestingly combining history with key elements of a classic urban wardrobe. “Celebratory, modern, nostalgic” are his own words for a collection that starts with a monochromatic palate in ivories and black and then gently treads into color territory whilst all along deliciously delving into unusual art and craft based forms such as Mother of pearl inlay, Turkish miniatures, Iznik Ceramics, Dramatic weaves of the Sultan’s robes, exotic birds!

Embroidery plays a vital role in Valaya collections and represents our respect for the great handwork of the Indian subcontinent and yet surreally showcases the aesthetics of the Ottoman Empire. Fabrics such as Fine silks, Dupion, Jacquards, Georgette and Lush velvets embrace techniques ranging from metal work, Zardozi, Badla, Resham and semi-precious stone inlay to create a collection which attempts to provide a perfect blend of the past with cutting edge contemporary chic. The color story begins with ivories and eventually culminates into myriad colors in the form of the signature JJ Valaya Trousseaux collection.

The purpose of doing an off-site show this time is also to mark the launch of JJ Valaya Luxury Weddings where you will experience the grandeur of the bespoke wedding concepts and the fabled JJ Valaya trousseaux, all in a singular setting. Overcoming the limitations of space and time offered by a regular MSA, the off-site show area will be converted into 2 distinct phases of ‘The Realm of the Sultan’ and will take you through the majestic life of an august empire. 

” A crusader of craft and a couturier at heart, JJ Valaya’s belief in all things royal have given his brand a unique signature. ‘The future of the past’ perhaps best sums up the spirit of the brand which imbibes heavily from history yet vehemently upholds the belief that fashion has to be relevant today to be accepted widely. With this year being the 20th anniversary of the brand, the distinct quirky edge of combining fine embroideries and luxurious details with modern sensibilities has stood the test of time and continues to push innovative yet credible fashion to greater heights.”

If you’re in Delhi/NCR check out the House Of Valaya

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