Style Stanza #9: Péro by Aneeth Arora at WIFW AW2014

Once upon a time
There lived a girl
A dreamer, a believer
Whimsical and shy
Searching for love, finding herself
Living in a reality called imagination
Looking for happiness in little things
Like waking up with perfectly messed-up hair
Like catching a snowflake before it hits the ground
Like finding a secret note in her pocket
Like smelling an old book or flipping a flipbook
Like listening to her favourite song, on replay
Like feeling warm and fuzzy on a crisp wintry day
Like watching the world go by
Like smiling at a random stranger and getting a smile back
Like striking a lovely first conversation
Like looking up at the sky and wishing
Like seeing the wish actually come true
Like etching a name on a button
Like counting the checks and polka dots on her dress
Like feeling a piece of hand-stitched embroidery
Like wearing her heart, in the right place
Like memories of love, made with love
Like a show, a collection, a story, called Péro.

We’ll leave you with a visual and audio treat – play it, feast your eyes, and relive the experience.

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