The AIFW SS17 edit.

The fashion cycle came to an end on a sartorial high, and here we are capturing all the fabulousity that AIFWSS17 brought to the table, fashionably late.

From the shameless peacockery to the relentless shutterbugging and fresh-off-the-ramp dressed frow, ubiquitous S&M inspired chokers, cold shoulders and still-on-trend sneaks. Fashion Week had something for everyone – the curious gawker, the fashion fanatic and the serious worker. Fashion Week means different things to different people. But at the end of the day, what we’re all here to see is the work of the , their collection, their story. Amidst the 5 days of fashion frenzy and the intense hashtagging that left us a bit fuzzy, here’s what we remember.

Capes aren’t just for superheroes.
A sloppy saree drape can be cool too.
Sheer on sheer layering is sheer genius.
Saree, meet pockets. Pockets, meet sarees. Hello, utilitarian sarees!
Belts can be worn a million ways.
Boho chic and hobo chic walk a fine line.
The beauty of Chanderi lies in touching and wearing it, not seeing it.
When in doubt, go minimal with the outfit and maximal with the accessories.
You can wear all your favourite pieces all at once. Time to bring your layering A-game.
Some designers are better showcasers than storytellers.
The old names always deliver, every single time.
Googly eyes can replace embroidery!
Retro styling is back. And so is the Bollywood heroine look.
Normcore can have a feminine twist to it.
Modern Indian silhouettes are here to stay.

Florals, pastels, breathable fabrics, monotone layering, print on print, wispy, airy, flowy, cascading, flouncy, delicate … you get the drift on what is all about.


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So that’s our roundup for you. A big shoutout to all the fashion gods (designers, models, artists, media, bloggers, PR) for blessing the urban woman with armory and inspiration (who doesn’t need that from time to time? We know we are motivated to dress better after fashion week). Our wishlist is long and the will to play dress up is still strong. So long, and thanks for all the fish!


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