There’s more to ‘Baar baar dekho’ than Katrina’s abs on fleek.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that inspires a lot of what we do and especially how we dress. After all movie stars are constantly bringing their A-game, both on and off the screen. A recent flick that caught our beady eye for its offbeat story and style is Baar baar dekho (in case you’ve been living under a rock, the film stars Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Kapoor and explores the subject of time travel). It’s interesting to watch how as the film goes further into the future, the fashion inspiration goes further backwards from the 60s to the 40s to the Edwardian era. We saw hints of the Edwardian era with high collars and big cuffs, modern and futuristic accessories, fabrics such as neoprene and leather, a whole lot of texture and oodles of style. We caught up with the stylist/costume designer, Poornamrita Singh for a quick Q&A. Read on.
1. Tell our readers a bit about designing/styling for films. 
The process begins by understanding the script and what the story is trying to convey. Then, I move on to closely studying the characters, their interests, their passion, their occupation and so on – which has an indelible impact on their looks.  The research happens accordingly. It is important to work in sync with the director and the cast to make sure what I deliver is what the director has envisioned.
2. What was the single biggest challenge being the costume designer for a film like this?
A film like Baar Baar Dekho is unique because it jumps across different time periods. As we go further into the future my fashion inspiration goes further backwards – from the 60s to the 40’s and then to the Edwardian era, since fashion always comes full circle. The idea was to draw inspiration from historical fashion but to also give them a modern and realistic twist. The looks also reflects the mood of the film and changes as the story unfolds. Taking a historical trend, projecting it into the future, adding a twist, keeping it within a certain colour palette that matches the season and location – and at the same time keeping it real. Since it deals with future trends, most of the garments and accessories were constructed entirely from scratch. The outfits had to be paired with suitable accessories including acrylic handbags, metallic and wire accessories, transparent plastic shoes, neoprene jackets with embossed detailing, leather and metal accessories to name a few innovations. Overall, Baar Baar Dekho was a very complex project. The looks for the film number into the thousands!
3. Your favourite look from the film and why you like it. 
I’m gonna share a couple of images of the ones I like. Katrina and Sidharth in Thailand. Her in a kimono, crochet top and denim shorts and Sid in a printed shirt , Ganji and chinos. It’s young and fresh. The other one is both of them in the song nachde be saare. Sid in Jodhpuris with a kurta and waistcoat. Kat in a printed skirt and cropped blouse. It’s a great wedding look! 
4. How do you think the future will look like? 
I think the minimalist style is gonna be a strong trend in the future of fashion. 
5. One fashion item that is transcends time?
A trench coat never goes out of style.
6. Eco fashion/sustainable fabrics are emerging in a big way of late. How do you think the future will embrace it?
I think we have already started embracing eco fashion which is why it is picking up speed. I am glad people are aware and taking some social and environmental responsibility.
7. Your style mantra?
Don’t be a victim of fashion. Pick what suits you best and rock it!