Trend Update: Contrast Is In

In lieu of Mr. Sun’s absence and this dreary cold weather, here’s something to make your dressing up each day a bit more trendy and exciting. Play with two contrasting colors and put them together for a truly eye catching look.

Check it out! I’ve put together blue and yellow as the easiest examples. To tone it down you can wear some muted yet chic accessories- love the leopard clips and the owl feathery pendant. I would also suggest skin or beige-melange tights with this look for winters as any other color would take away from the key contrast of the look.

Bold and Bright ColorsWhat are contrasting colors? These are the ‘Hot & Cold’ colors or ‘Warm and Cool’ colors, primarily from the opposite ends of the color wheel that compliment each other. Here’s a color wheel for your reference. Have fun using it. It works brilliantly for the guys as well. Watch out for my next post on men’s style.Color WheelLet’s put a spin on the way you dress?

Cheers :)

Swati Modo Shoes
Yellow Benetton Dress
All accessories from Accessorize
Blue Cardigan from Mango