WIFW 2012: Shantanu Singh

– The Next Episode

Shantanu Singh in his A/W 2012 collection is inspired by Penguins, a species of the animal world that live harmoniously in civilized communities in tandem with nature. Global warming poses a very serious threat to their lives and all other natural habitats. This is the awareness that he means to convey to the world through this very beautiful collection: Will we see tomorrow??………Who’s goanna save the world??

Silhouette and Colors: The penguin’s smooth and curvy streamlined torsos with a short wedge-shaped tails in black and white/grey shapes and lines have become an inspiration for cuts and drapes for the clothes.

The Orange-yellow ombre colored-shaded column around their necks has inspired the embroidery panels in the garments.

Rock-land surfaces and layers of Ice on Glaciers has become inspiration for surface ornamentation, layering and texturization.

Fabrics : Key fabrics used are Silk Taffeta, Silk Crepe De Chine and Satin. The designer has also used Cotton-Wool and Silk Velvets to create surface textures of ice and smooth/waxy effect like a penguin’s skin.

THE NEXT EPISODE is not just a designer label instead it’s a fashion movement.  It’s a label that focuses on sculptural representation of design and individuality and luxury that can only be achieved through minute attention to detail in its hand stitched pieces.

Insights: The collection consisted of modern contemporary silhouettes, uplifting basic shift and maxi dresses with unusual and unexpected drapes and fabric surface effects like quilting, padding, taping and fabric-folding. The embellishments like sequins and beads and furry fabrics have been used artistically with a precision of thought.

Beauty & Accessories: Adding little feathers at the eye corners to create innocent round penguin eyes is quite interesting, as long as PETA has no qualms about using feathers! The little furry blobs on the two–tone pumps added a chic drama to the entire ensemble.

:) Nupur